R.E.M. at the Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday 12th June 2005.

remiow05_13521 Michael Stipe remiow05_13098bwgrain R.E.M.'s gear on the Isle of Wight stage in readiness. remiow05_13377 R.E.M. gear on the stage. remiow05_13379 Peter Buck's guitars being prepared for the R.E.M. set. remiow05_13380 Peter Buck's guitars being prepared for the R.E.M. set. remiow05_13448 R.E.M. gear used for their Isle of Wight set. remiow05_13519 Mike Mills remiow05_13512 ˜üc remiow05_13456 Michael Stipe of R.E.M. remiow05_13459 Peter Buck of R.E.M. remiow05_13464 R.E.M. open their set at the 2005 Isle of Wight Festival remiow05_13479bw Mr. Michael Stipe remiow05_13466 Peter Buck of R.E.M. remiow05_13469bw Mike Mills, happy at his work. remiow05_13472 Peter Buck, Ken Stringfellow and Scott McCaughey of R.E.M. remiow05_13475 Michael Stipe of R.E.M. remiow05_13477 Peter Buck remiow05_13507 Mike Mills remiow05_13476 Michael Stipe remiow05_13481 Peter Buck remiow05_13484 Mike Mills of R.E.M. remiow05_13486 Michael Stipe remiow05_13478bw Peter Buck remiow05_13491 Scott McCaughey plays with R.E.M. remiow05_13492 Peter Buck remiow05_13493 Peter Buck remiow05_13497rbw Mike Mills of R.E.M. remiow05_13499bwtint Peter Buck remiow05_13500 Michael Stipe remiow05_13506st Mike Mills remiow05_13509 Michael Stipe remiow05_13510 Mike Mills remiow05_13511 Michael Stipe remiow05_13512bw Michael Stipe remiow05_13516 Michael Stipe remiow05_13537 Michael Stipe and Peter Buck during Electrolyte